Get to Know Your Spine

Get To Know Your Spine

Good posture requires you to be in Neutral Spine. Your spinal column consists of 26 vertebrae — seven cervical, 12 thoracis, five lumbar, the sacrum, and the coccyx. In a neutral position your spine has three natural curves:

  • Cervical Curve (neck): Concave from the back
  • Thoracic Curve (mid-back): Convex from the back
  • Lumbar Curve (low-back): Concave from the back

How To Keep Your Spine Happy and Healthy

Use it or lose it. Core training is vital for the health of your spine. Your core consists of all the muscles that help stabilize both your spine and pelvis. That means everything other than your legs, arms, and head!

Can Pilates Help?

Yes! When you attend a Pilates class, you will always move your spine through the planes of motion. Additionally, you focus on strengthening your intrinsic core muscles (the muscles connected directly to your spine and pelvis) to further enhance your posture against the effects of gravity. With a deep understanding of your core muscles, you can decrease the wear and tear gravity can place on your joints, helping you to stand tall and move pain free!



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