Meet the 2022 RecSports Scholarship Recipients

­Abbey Govett

“As a Program Assistant, I hoped to establish a foundation for [an Adventure Trip] guide community, not only to support current connections among guides but also to serve as a fundamental component of our Adventure Trip Program culture moving forward.”

Peace Idah-oze

“On some days, I find myself looking back and being so grateful for how much I have grown. On those days, I can pinpoint the exact moment when the dominoes began to fall, and it started with being given the opportunity to lead. I cannot even begin to list how much I learned from working with RecSports, especially when it comes to effective communication.”

Maria de los Angeles Villarreal

“As I look back, being employed with RecSports has been instrumental to my personal growth. The experience propelled my leadership skills and gave me the necessary tools to succeed in both my degree and career. I look forward to applying these distinct teachings to thrive in any work environment.”

Monserrat Hernández Hernan

“I have learned that the abilities of my team are a reflection of my leadership and that I could not call myself a good leader if the rest of the group is not advancing. This applies to group assignments, leadership positions, and the opportunities that I will find in my professional career.”

Teresa Garcia

“I am very thankful that I get the privilege and opportunity to teach others and use the skills I learn from working at the university to see progress and improvements in my job as an aquatic instructor and beyond.”

Cassandra Keating

“My time serving RecSports as a Program Assistant for the Instructional Program has certainly challenged me and pushed me to grow in ways I didn’t anticipate. If you would have told me that I would experience four leadership changes during my tenure, I wouldn’t have believed you. However, by going through these experiences I have been able to cultivate and develop my communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills more so than most.”

Richard Reynolds

“The Intramural Sports program has given me a grand opportunity to redefine my leadership style. I learned to lead my officials as a team, and always put my team first. I have never had a more humbling responsibility than leading them. I love this sport, and these officials are the reason this volleyball program was able to rise from the ashes. I put my heart and hard work into training and leading these officials, and they showed up when it mattered most.”

Nicholas Godfrey

“I would not be the leader I am today without this position and the ability it gave me to lead and develop others. While I still have a lot to learn, the skills I am taking away from this job will help me be as successful as possible in the future.”

Christian Hinton

“Being a lifeguard also helped shape me to prepare for a career in spaceflight. As a lifeguard, I have learned the value of a strong, disciplined work ethic and the importance of staying vigilant. My time here at RecSports has allowed me to hone these skills, and I would not be the person I am today without it.”

Rachel Lee

“As a future physician, communication will be vital to building rapport with patients and relaying health information with clarity, warmth, and empathy. Working with RecSports has prepared me for these challenges and given me the space to grow as a leader and communicator.”

Madison Johnson

“Speaking with, motivating, and building relationships with RecSports participants and employees of all backgrounds instilled me with invaluable communication skills. In my future endeavors beyond the university, I will be miles ahead of my peers equipped with competencies that cannot be learned in many other environments. I will have the confidence to speak up to superiors and communicate my ideas, and it all started at Gregory Gym with a laminated class pass and a cycle bike.”

Ashley Omehe

“In the 17 months that I have worked for RecSports, my experiences, fellow team members, and supervisors have helped me gain competencies, specifically, critical thinking, that make joining the RecSports staff one of my best decisions.”

Matthew Baca

“Some of my biggest areas of growth have come from opportunities from this job and a lot of my best friends and some of the most influential people I have met from my time at UT are from RecSports. I feel lucky to have found this job and all it has provided me with and I know I am not the same person I was when I came to UT, and RecSports has played a huge role in that.”

Ryland Kerby

“As my time on this team comes to an end, I hope to share this knowledge with the members of my Outdoor Satellites (ODS) family. I hope that these lessons in leadership that I have developed will be passed down to members of our ODS family, and continue to impact this family in a positive way even after I graduate and move on in my career.”

Cameron Keating

“My experience has helped me understand that sometimes the best way to tackle a major project is to break it down into more manageable pieces to address one at a time, rather than all at once. These skills that I’ve developed while serving RecSports as a Program Assistant are invaluable, and I look forward to implementing them in a professional setting upon graduating this spring.”

Joel Redmond

“Every day I work to maintain Gregory Gym’s reputation as a safe, inclusive space for our community in the heart of the Forty Acres. Whether this is by acting as a reliable resource for those seeking information about our facilities or simply changing those hard-to-reach lightbulbs, I strive to be an initiative-driven leader among our staff.”

Thomas Le

“Teamwork, communication, and collaboration are highly valued and promoted within RecSports, and I am thankful for the great experiences that the organization has provided me.”



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